Rapsure Concession Trailers, Inc.

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We specialize in custom built concession trailers.  Choose from the various options to create your own custom built trailer.

Main Unit


Recessed Door

Detachable Hitch

4-Corner Post Drop-Down Jacks

Insulated Sidewalls and Ceiling

Upgrade to #5200 Axles

Upgrade to #7200 Axles

Graphics (to suit your needs)

Extra Height

Exhaust Fans 1050 CFM

Exhaust Hoods

Roof Marquees (30" with lights and chaser with 24" fold)

Roof Hatch

Skirting & Fringes

LP systems (2-30# or 40# tanks)


Split awnings with Shocks (6'wide)

Split awnings with Shocks (7'wide)

Split awnings with Shocks (8'wide)

Solid awnings with Shocks (6'wide)

Solid awnings with Shocks (7'wide)

Solid awnings with Shocks (8'wide)


Roller Windows

No track on counter

72" X 48"

84" X 48"

96" X 48"

Blank Window Opening


Sink Package


100 Amp/Camlocks

100 Amp Electrical Panel

225 Amp Electrical Panel

110 V Receptacle

220 V Receptacle

110 V Switch

110 V Exterior GFI Receptacle

Interior Lights

4' Double Bulb

6' Double Bulb

8' Double Bulb

Above Awning Lights

Below Awning Lights

Spot Light

Non-Powered Roof Vent

110 V Powered Roof Vent

36" Window Air Screen

42" Window Air Screen

13,500 BTU Roof Air Conditioner

15,000 BTU Roof Air Conditioner

2 Ton Air Conditioner

3 Ton Air Conditioner


Countertops only

12" to 18" wide

20" to 28" wide

30" to 48" wide

Base Cabinet

Overhead Cabinet

Cash Drawer

Flip-Out Shelves (Laminated)

Flip-Out Shelves (Stainless Steel)